Wednesday, February 17, 2010

What problem?

I have a problem. I lack follow through. It's more like I have no attention span and I get bored easily. I obsess and dive into things 410%. Then it hits, I am bored and no longer interested. Sometimes (most of the time) I drive myself crazy. Other times I am totally awesome. Like when I made this:Do you see those peacocks. Wow! I was kinda proud of myself after that one. I wanted to keep it too but didn't. Buh bye.

I also made a couple knitting needle rolls and crayon rolls. It was a great learning expirience.

Then I made this ironing mat for someone. Genius idea, too bad I didn't think of it. I hope she likes it. It's so nerve racking sometimes.

Anyway, Alaska girl is coming in less than a week and will be staying for a month with the baby. I am excited to meet her.