Friday, January 8, 2010

Murphy's Law

The man cub has been sick and throwing up. He doesn't throw up during the day only at 2 am. Sarge wears ear plugs and snorrs like no other. I think I mentioned this before but I used to call his cell phone and leave him messages of his snoring. He didn't appreciate that very much and it made me cackle with glee (on a side note I am embroidering a towel for him that says "I shave my pits with your razor" He will not laugh at that either but I will crack up!) I finally fell back asleep around 4. I was totally exhausted!

RRRRRIIIINNNNNGGGGGG!!!! In my mind I am instantly angry. I think to myself, someone better be dead for my phone to be ringing.

Me in groggy voice: Hello

Some guy: Is Capt (insert my last name) there?

Me: He's sleeping, after all it is almost 4 am.

The guy: Oh, I'm so sorry Mrs. (insert my last name)

Me: Is it an emergency?

The guy: I need to talk to him

Me: (Shoving phone in Sarge's face) Do you hear that? (Sarge is snoring really loud)

The guy: yes

Me: Do you really want me to wake him up, after all he IS on vacation?

The guy: (in a sheepish voice) he is on vacation?

Me: yes, but I'll wake him up if you want

The guy: Oh God, I didn't know he was on vacation. I am soooo sorry. (almost distraught)

Me: ok

The guy: (very uneasy) good bye

Me: bye

I never did go back to sleep. My body began to protest the quick sleep awake cycle I was putting it through. I think I'm going to start wearing ear plugs too. Here's to hoping tonight is better...


  1. A: how did I not know you were blogging again?
    B: why are you so stinking hilarious?
    C: best. christmas.letter.ever

    will be back to catch up soon! xoxo

  2. Hope you got to take a nap today... yeah right not us MoMs! lol

  3. Hope your kiddo is feeling better today. Having to deal with barf is bad enough, but doubly not fun in the middle of the night.

    Can't say I've ever had such an interesting phone call in the wee hours. Better, I suppose, than getting bad news!

    That towel's gonna be a hoot ;-). Embroidering wording is such a pain, so yay for you on tackling that.

  4. I hate the 2am throw up sessions. We have gotten some calls for the hubs in the wee hours. Sounds like some no fun at your house lately. Hope it gets better.

  5. HA! That's funny as crap! I am not pleasant if woken up before 2am or so for some reason. It's funny but if the kids woke up then as babies, my wife took them. Anytime after 2 was my turn and it worked out fine...just not before 2!

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  7. Hey girl, how goes life on the franch? Whatcha crafting right now?


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