Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Crafting is like crack.

I have had a very crafty week. I have sewn quilt blocks and beyond. Above is the gumdrop wreath I made for my craftster partner. I love how it came out! I sprayed it with glitter and thought about keeping it myself, like I do most items (selfish, I know!)

The SEQUIN BULB. That took me 4 hours to make. There are over 800 sequins nailed into that bulb. Believe it or not this was the most time consuming thing I made all week. I did decopauge, button wreaths, candy cane reindeer, chocolate dipped spoons for stiring hot drinks and cinnamon ornaments that are making my house smell sooooo yummy.

The cinnamon ornaments look so much better with glitter glue on them. I let them sit and dry for a few days trying to decide if they needed something more. I even bought my partner a few little goodies from Knott's Berry Farm. Snoopy is not really my thing but I love simple kid stuff.

Off to the post office to send off my box! I also made little fabric birds which I will show off soon. Have a Happy Thanksgiving all!


  1. What fun!! I love when I get my crafting groove on ;-). Oh, I usually want to keep the things I make in Craftster swaps, too.

    Happy Thanksgiving tomorrow!!


  2. Holy cow you are crafty! I love the sequin ball? Can a guy say that out loud?

    Anyhow, well done!