Friday, October 2, 2009

Estate sale finds

Oh my goodness, I scored at the estate sales this morning. I rarely go to estate sales but I always have a blast when I do. I try not to "junk up" my house which tends to happen if I go to these sales too often so I go out about twice a year. If anyone is into canning you know these old green Ball canning jars are a find. I also wanted to make apple sauce this year but didn't have a sieve or a mill.

I also have a thing for all things tractor and wrought iron. We are in the process of redecorating tree girls room. We are painting the room powder pink with stripes and all the furniture is black or black wrought iron. She has a thing for skeleton keys, so these were a great find.

I have been following Glenda's blog and have been admiring her embroidery work. I even bought the supplies needed to begin embroidering at Joann's yesterday. When I saw this I wanted it so I can use it for a reference while I learn, also because its a cute little table cloth.

My last find was a lap desk. I will paint this black and put it in Tree girls room. She sits on her bed and does her homework. I always try to get her to do her homework at the table but she won't listen and it's not worth fighting over.

Remember in High school when your classmates elected each other Best Dresses or most likely to succeed? Well, being the goofy women we are my best friend and I were picking out out out "favs". The very used underwear of sale was voted most disgusting.

The Hank Williams, Jr. bobblehead was my personal favorite. We voted him "most likely to be picked up in a tornado at the trailer park and later found in the Walmart parking lot"

What? It totally could happen.


  1. Bocephus! That's a must have item! Instead of bobbling, does he stay steady? He normally bobbles from his adult beverages so it might be funnier if his bobblehead was rock-steady!

  2. Ha! The "most likely" for the Hank Jr. bobblehead is a riot!!

    Even as an adult, I never do paperwork or writing sitting at a desk or table . . . I prefer to stretch out on my stomach on the floor or bed, or sit cross-legged on the bed (in which case a lap desk would be handy-dee-dandy).

    Love those Ball jars and that big black skeleton key!

    Pretty embroidery. If you want a link to some online video tutorials, there are a couple sites I use when I need to see how a stitch is worked (as opposed to looking at a picture in a book). Just let me know.


  3. I love estate sales. I dig through the kitchen things in search of treasures. Please double check that ball jar. It looks too 'new' to be an old canning jar. There is a line of jars they put out in the last few years just for crafting to look 'old' but they are not food safe canning jars just cheap imitations.

  4. Warren- I didn't check but I think he might come with a fifth of whiskey in his back pocket.

    Glenda- I would love to see some links! That would probably be very helpful.

    Angie- I bought the jars to store my basic staples in so even if they aren't for canning, they are pretty which is good enough for me. I recently found some jars at an estate sale that said not for canning on them but they came with lids and seals. errrr.

  5. I will email you the links, because blogging sites tend to throw comments with URLs in them into the spam folder!