Monday, October 5, 2009

Happy Monday!

I don't mind Monday, I think I actually like Monday. When I came home Sunday morning after a 24 hour shift that turned into 28 hour shift I was late because I got slammed all night and got stuck in a different county. Sleep was much needed. When I was driving home trying to keep myself awake the man cub called me and said "Mom, there is flour all over the pantry. The whole big container spilled everywhere and I didn't do it."

About a year and a half ago the man cub called me at work and said "Mom the house is flooded and Dad is mad". One of the kids turned on the bathtub and then left to go into town. To this day no one will admit it, but I know, I'm a Mom. Since then I have a whole different perspective. There maybe a layer of flour all over the pantry and half the kitchen but at least the house didn't flood ruining my crafting supplies and taking 5 months to repair. I'm going to go happily clean up the flour then move on to the rest of the house which has a mess in every room. I keep walking around wondering where I should start. Please tell me I am not the only one who does that.

PS. I want to personally thank the man cub for armor-all-ing the garage floor so that when I walk in (in my socks) I could fall flat on my back. Once I caught my breath I said every bad word I could think of and still couldn't get myself up off the floor. It's karma I tell you-- a few weeks ago I was angry at my boss who made me detail his ambulance so I armor-alled the petals and the vinyl seats he sits on and I heard he slid off at some point. I died laughing of course. Payback's a bitch.

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  1. "and I didn't do it" -- classic, right?!!

    I love that you armor-all'd the pedals and seats, but damn that karma!!