Friday, October 9, 2009

Project Peyton

The last couple of days have been a bit trying, resulting in a crabby Debbie. As I was following to tow truck to the mechanic I couldn't help but think to myself, "Get a grip Debbie!". You are so blessed. So what if you stepped in dog crap and tracked it all over your beige carpet. So what if you left your broken cell phone to charge in the car that has to be left on in order to charge, all night and more than killed the battery. I'm not kidding when I said more than killed the battery. Could not be jumped or charged. Oooops. Silly me.

This morning I was reading this post on Susan's blog and she talked about supporting our troops. The up coming birth of my Granddaughter Peyton has inspired me to really push myself, to do something special for all the Megans (my daughter) and Peytons in the world. I was thinking about training for a 5K and decided I was going to do this instead. I am not a fast quilter. I have only finished less than 8 quilts in my life but between wanting to really support our military and my need for self reflection I am going to challenge myself to make 30 quilt tops in 30 days. When I quilt it's almost therapeutic. I find myself reflecting on my life, my family, the kind of person I want to be. I have not been spending the time I need to stay centered. When I quilt I often sing to myself because I feel at peace. It's almost like lent, Debbie style.

I hate to admit this too-- I often loose interest in things and quit. I WILL not do this on this project, I promise all 2 of my readers. I will stick with this job, just like our military does everyday.

So my idea is I will have my son-in-law who is in Iraq ask the people in his company if they would like me to send their KIDS or WIFE a quilt from them for Christmas. I would like to have them write a note to the recipient so that I can attach the note to the back, like a label. So hopefully On Christmas these women (even husbands too) and children will have a special quilt from their deployed loved one. That simple. I really hope I can pull this off.

Being the worry-ier I am, my first thought is "crazy lady, you can't afford to do this". But I can. Why you ask? Faith. It never matters what is happening, God always provides for me. My car payment is due in three days and I have no money? I make a sale and bam! I have my car payment and enough for groceries. I promise you every single time I am in a jam and I have no idea how I am going to pull something off, the answer always appears. It has happened no less than 10 times in the last year. Sooooo, I am going on blind faith and it WILL ALL WORK OUT. I have a fabric stash that is just taking up space so I am sitting pretty.

I am so excited to start this. Tomorrow, day one. GO ahead, tell me I'm crazy... it's ok!


  1. YOU GO crazy girl! GOD is faithful and I know what you mean about provision. My husband and I are unemployed but one of the soldiers I am writing wants RAMEN. My son moved back home and brought 2 cases of Ramen. Now that he's here he's not going to eat Ramen any more as long as I cook so I'm sending 2 cases of Ramen so my new friend in Afghanistan. God Provides!

  2. Your CrAzY... no just kidding, lol Thats very nice of you and I'm sure God will help you pull it off. Good Luck..........

  3. Good luck with this project, and have fun with it!! Always remember you can adjust your goal if the project begins to create stress :). Doing something is better than doing nothing; it doesn't have to be all or nothing (said by someone who still struggles with remembering that very thing!). I'm excited to see pictures as you progress.