Monday, December 28, 2009

Christmas Rewind

Holy crap. I survived.

My cousins kid was picking her nose, I loved it. She didn't even care a little that we were all laughing at her. Awesome.

The father of the nose picker, my cousin, wrapped a super secret gift for our white elephant exchange. Wonder what it is. My Mom actually picked this gift because it was legitimately something she needed.

Sarge had fun making stupid faces at the baby who was born the same day as P-Diddy. Notice Ama and Aunt Mary laughing in the background. Sarge acted retarded and the baby would smile (so would all the adults). Good times.

The fire department had Santa deliver toys to all the kids. Cool idea. Why don't they go to the ghetto where the kids don't actually get gifts instead of my cousins neighborhood where the 16 year olds get cars for Christmas-- just a thought. Sarge said its because they will get mugged or caught up in a drive by. My answer was, then just drive through the ghetto, slow down a little and throw the stuff off and keep going.

My brother the principle and the customary, I'll film you while you film me tradition. Wonder if we will ever out grow that??

My neice got so excited from the Demi Lavato CDs I bought her. Look how genuinely excited she is when she opened it. That just made my day.

Christmas morning we opted for Denny's. I couldn't believe how empty the roads were. Wooooooow.

Fat Winner hung out and loved on me while the kids opened presents.

The end.


  1. Love It!
    Late Merry Christmas and Happy New Years...

  2. The nose-picking picture is priceless ;-).

    As is the expression on the baby's face!!

    We do the "picture of you taking my picture" (or videoing) too. It's a classic, right?!!