Monday, December 14, 2009

Happy Monday

I got my package from my Craftster swap today in the mail. I love getting packages it's like opening presents when I was a kid. Above I got some snowman fabric, fabric gift tags, rudolph hair clip and lots of chocolatey goodness. I was in a swap recently and sent my box but never received a box in return. People are crappy sometimes. How can you take like that with a clear consious? My partner needs a spankin. I guess that's just the chance you take. Thanks Julia for sending me such crafty goodness.

On a side note, the man cub is sleeping in the middle of the day. That only means one thing-- he is sick. Poor man cub, I just wanna smooch on his yummy cheeks. Sometimes he lets me and other times it irritates him.

Now I'm off to go learn to knit, the second class Sarge bought me for Christmas. Hopefully I can do it better than crochet-- or straighter than crochet.


  1. Aw, your poor punkin, now it's his turn to be sick :(.

    Fun swap goodies you've got there. That's a bummer you got flaked on in a swap. I do wonder how people can flake like that without showing any kind of remorse.


  2. Awww man cub is too cute, poor buddy.

    Yeah it sucks when you do a swap and your partner doesnt follow through, I dont see how some people can be like that! That was nice for someone else to send you all them goodies!

    Good Luck with your Knit class...
    I just posted some more crochet items I've done lately :)

  3. That is a cool swap thing, but crappy of your partner not to reciprocate. Hope the man cub didn't get too sick.