Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Rut Row.

Oh rain, you screwed everything up. You left ruts everywhere! Budda doesn't seem to mind, but I do.

You and your delinquent friend Wind knocked over my trees. You guys together are bad news!

I know you will be back tomorrow, I refuse to come out and play. Like Sarge would say, just to make the man cub mad "I fart in your general direction". (I don't really mean that, please leave the rest of my trees alone and take it easy with the ruts, I hate getting alignments).


  1. Wow, I thought we got crazy wind out here!! Poor trees :(

    "I fart in your general direction" -- haha, that's funny! I'll have to tell kiddo that one.


  2. We had some crazy wind in our area as well. I read your other posts....I am a little behind in my blogging. And, I cannot seem to get into the Christmas spirit this year either! What is up with that? So much to do it seems.