Saturday, December 12, 2009

My Life in Pictures

Contain your excitement. I have been up to no good, knee deep in Nyquil, up to my ears in tissues, over my head in Halls. I rarely get sick. When I do get sick, I still do my thing, just do it sick. Not this time.

Tree girl and I have spent the last 3 or 4 days walking around like zombies, sitting comatose on the couch, covered with ankies (blankets) watching bad TV. It's storming pretty bad outside too. One more reason to stay in.

When we stay in too long we get creative. Above next to my snot rags (I know, I'm gross) you will see a homemade light sabre. The man cub unrolled my wrapping paper just for the cardboard sword. To make this even better he shoved a bottle of Advil PM in the roll. Now it makes noise which is sooooo much more fun. My ears are plugged, carry on son!

Rain or shine I did go to my crochet class Sarge got me for Christmas (love that guy!). So I have been crocheting my crooked fuzzy scarf. I just love it because its crooked and its my first, beside the 4 dishclothes I crocheted to figure out how the whole thing works. I think I like this!

We have begun to call Winner the wiener dog "Fat Winner in a very New York mobster kind of voice. So at any given time you will hear someone say "Yo Fat Winner, yous gunna go break that punk Jazzy's knee caps for disrespecting the fam-i-ly. The whole family has come on board and Sarge often starts his dialog with the yous stutter. I might just have to record so chit chat in the kitchen for everyone's entertainment. She looks pretty mean huh?


  1. Yep, Fat Winner looks like she could break a kneecap or two ;-). (Pssst, I really think she's quite pretty, but critters who break kneecaps perhaps don't want to be called pretty, am I right or am I right?!!)

    Bummer about the dual colds. "Snot rags" is a phrase I use too.

    I love the color of your fuzzy crooked scarf!


  2. Oh I hate it when my life in picture looks like that! Get well and great job on the crocheting, Kim

  3. The sickness thing is icky. That is a real educational term straight from me, a teacher! Hope you are feeling better soon. I hate being sick.

  4. We're plum full of sick here too...and it's not even winter yet...egads!