Monday, December 7, 2009

Lookie what I did!

Oh lookie what I did! I pulled my head out and got it done. BTW tree girl put the angel on without standing on anything. Next year I'll have her hang the lights without a ladder.

Here is one of my favorite ornaments. The little ambulance with a wreath on the back. It's just so Debbie.

The man cub was decorating the tree and for some reason he put all the ornaments on backwards. Um, why? I like it, I feel the same way, so I'm leaving it.

It has been raining all day and the power was out for 8 hours. The dirt franch has turned in to the mud franch and NO ONE is happy about it except for the ducks who played in the rain all day. I tried to call the electric company but my cell phone wouldn't work. So I drove down the hill in the pouring rain to the AT&T store so they could fix my phone so I could report my power outage. Totally irritating.

I leave you with this. Peyton, AKA P-Diddy, is dreaming about seeing her Grandma (me!). Isn't she so little? Sarge calls her the troll baby and teases my daughter that she belongs under a bridge. He started that before he ever saw her picture so he's just being a brat. I can't wait to smooch on them cheeks!


  1. Debbie, your grandbaby is so cute! Those little cheeks. Look at those little fingers.
    How precious. Next Christmas will be a blast.
    Hope the rain ends soon I saw where you all are getting blasted with it. My son is in Arizona and he said it looked like a hurricane but with snow.
    Your tree is beautiful.
    We went out on our farm and cut down a tree got it home and had to cut 2 feet from it to get it in the house. My husband said next year he'd just buy me a can of evergreen scent and use the artifical.:)

  2. Your tree is Beautiful and so it Peyton
    Merry Christmas

  3. Oh, that Peyton is a cutie pie!! I bet you are just itching to hold her :). I miss smelling the top of babies' heads (but am in no hurry for my stepson to make us grandparents!).

    LOL about your son turning the ornaments backwards -- yep, some days are just like that.

    Love your jukebox, by the way!