Friday, August 21, 2009

But I wasn't finished

This morning when I posted I was not finished talking yet. We had appointments to keep so I threw what I had up and left. So tree girl, who is tree girl because she is just about 5'10" and just turned 13 a few weeks ago. I call her tree girl because I am hoping she will be tall enough to prune my trees in going to have when we move. Now, I must call her brace face. She is so cute, smiling through the pain. I remember braces and spacers and all the insanity in created within me. I used to think about how to make it stop, rip them off with pliers, bite inanimate objects and hope it would make them break off. I remember trying to pry mine off with a pencil, no luck just broke the pencil and when the orthodontist asked me what happened to the bent up wires, I would innocently lift my arms and say "I dunno?". Luckily my orthodontist was so old he walked around with an AED already attached because he was going to drop dead any second.

On a much happier note, I recently finished my first irish chain quilt. Yyyyaaaa! I started this thing on a whim when the man cub was in kindergarten. It was for his teacher which I loved. I still had those delusional day dreams where I actually finished my projects in a reasonable amount of time, So one day I just grabbed the fabric I had the most of and started cutting, no pattern. For having no pattern I am pretty happy that it turned out as well as it did.

The next part, quilting it, is the part I hate the most. I don't know how to stipple and I don't want to send it out to be quilted and spend $125 to quilt it. I stitch the ditch which has worked for me in the past. I have stippled before but it wasn't that impressive. It's s skill I need to refine. I'll show the end result, if I ever finish it.

The above picture is my Aunt Mary (on the right) and my Mom, AKA Ama. Everyone calls her Ama even my BFF and the Sarge, so feel free to call her Ama as well. I thought you (funny, because no one reads this) all should know who Ama is. Ama is taking Brace Face, AKA tree girl for the weekend and taking her to see Phantom of the Opera. Im so jealous I want to stomp tree girl, who is like a foot taller than me, and yell "AMA Take me instead!!". But I won't because tree girl and Ama are tight and I should just let that be because it really is a blessing. On a side note, no fighting for the rest of the weekend!!! WooHoo!!! Remember that is only a huge deal because I just survived 2.5 months off of school in which the goal of my spawn was to see who could irritate, annoy, pester, insult each other more. Off to meet Ama at Rosa's Cantina in Old Town. If you haven't been to Rosa's you have not experienced the best Mexican food in So. Cal. Yuuuummmmmmmy.

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