Saturday, August 29, 2009

Looking for Inspiration

The heat is unbearable and I have nothing more to live for. I'm tired of always producing, I need some pampering, some "me" time. I swear that is what is going through the minds of my chickens. This is all the eggs we got this week. My chickens need a motivational speaker, some prayer, maybe even some depression medication. I have 10 girls who lay, this is depressing. Pass the medication.

On a very happy note, my insane addiction continues! Juner, brought me two bags of home grown grapes. Beautiful! I let the kids gorge on them for a few days then for the first time ever, I juiced grapes, the old fashion way, with cheesecloth. No fancy juicer for this chick!

They look like the pretty, dark berries the show on the Welch's commercials. Oh man, they are tasty!

I put them in that fancy shmancy food processor and chopped them all up, I was amazed how dark the juice is. The aroma was wonderful.

Here is what the juice looked like. Such a pretty color and very tasty.

It ended up making some seriously beautiful deep dark purple jelly. Hopefully the man cub will appreciate grape jelly like he does raspberry jam.

Above I would like to show you the largest haul I have had from my tomatoes plants to date. What am I going to do with this many tomatoes? I just decided to give them to the chickens. They looooove tomatoes. They thanked me.

This is what happens when its 107 degrees and the school bus is over heating so the driver turns on the heater. Poor baby. Sarge put him right by the A/C vent to try to cool him off. Fall where are you? I love you, I need you back!


  1. When you make that grape jelly, can you send me your recipe. I made some this weekend and it was not so good. The strawberry I made was fabulous...but the grape...ugghh.

  2. When's dinner. Everything looks wonderful!