Tuesday, August 25, 2009

What a lame day

My day in bullet points:
  • Got up at the butt crack of dawn to get kids to school. Know I know why I was so excited to have them out in the first place. In retrospect, not worth it to sleep in. Hopefully my sleep schedule will adjust sometime soon.
  • Sarge yelled at me to come outside (which gets on my nerves really bad) and I get a splinter the size of a two by four in the tender skin on the bottom of my foot. 12 hours later and it still hurts. Good news, got the splinter out and it was enough wood to heat the house this evening (I'm trying to have a sense of humor). I was having horrible flash back of my wedding when the bartender spent an hour pulling a 4x4 of wood out of my foot while I cried and all my guests left.
  • Made 2 more batches of jam with the raspberries I had left. It was a new recipe, kool-aid jam. Half the fruit and a package of kool-aid and water for the other half. I'm not convinced, yet.
  • Taco Tuesday got rave reviews.
  • I caught another mouse in my bedroom which really freaks me out. That's 2 so far this week. They must be on steroids because they were huge, OMG! Then I had to rant about how someone in this house was going to get the hantavirus or I'm going to get a nervous tick because mice are gross! I know I live in the country but they are dirty little creatures. I threw the mouse to the chickens and watched them play keep away for well over an hour. Chicken TV, nothing beats it.
  • I took a 2.5 hour nap because I feel like someone is cutting my uterus out with a spoon.
  • Found a library book I forgot to return. Ooops! I blame the kids, its always their fault.
Tomorrow will be better, I feel it.

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