Thursday, August 20, 2009

I have no self-control

I couldn't help myself. It was almost like those little morsels of flavor explosion where calling me, beckoning me to come turn them into half of the ultimate PB&J. I HAD to make a batch before I went to bed. The man cub had a blast mashing them.

I finally found a canning set of tools to help save me from the many burns I incur while canning. These little tools make such a huge difference! I hate when my lids stick together, I have been known to seriously curse a lid up one side and down another when I can't get it out of the boiling water or they are stuck together.

I have decided I will not be go generous with my jam this year. My stash only lasted 5 months last year and when my man cub discovered we were out, he looked up at me with those big blues eyes and looked heartbroken. Yes, heartbroken over my jam. That is true satisfaction, making good food for my kids and knowing they love it.

On a side note I will be trying to figure out a way to make my jars of jam more visually appealing. I still need to label them but I have more to make today. Note to self, buy bigger pots. I was unsure if they would seal because my boiling water bath was not boiling hard enough. When those lids started snapping down, it was music to my ears.

How do you know you made jam you ask? That would be the mess I make while making it. Am I the only one whose kitchen looks like a bomb went off after the jam session?

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