Friday, August 21, 2009

Random Ramblings....

Be still my beating heart! This is the cutest little dog! I just want to lick her cheeks and eat her whole! I have one minor problem though, I have been calling her wiener. Yes, wiener. My kids even call her "wiener" or "the wiener". Wiener needs a name but I have nothing, nada, zilch.

You say just call her wiener no big deal. This is what the man cub said in a huge group of people while we were getting on the boat to come back from Catalina, "I can't wait to get home and play with the wiener". I instantly turned red and got dagger eyes from the Sarge. Sarge then told me you need to name that dog, while giving me the "you are so retarded" look.

So yesterday was a stay-at-home-and-get-something-done-day. I made jam and cooked some yummy stuff while talking with my BFF. The man cub rode the quad. Do you see where we live? We live in dirt. YUCK! It is so gross and so ugly. I dream of trees and green which is NOT in California.

Made a yummy turkey and I am going to try my hand at turkey pot-pies. Ummmmm, and I am debating between a big pot pie casserole or individual ones. I need to find a recipe for individual pot pies

I even made breakfast hotpockets. The kids devour them. AND it uses up our ton of eggs we get from the chickens. Hopefully I'll get it together enough to have these on hand so that when we are doing our morning rush the kids can just grab them and go. I HATE when my kids refuse to eat breakfast!

This is what is inside! Sausage, eggs and cheese all in a crescent roll. I use a can of crescent rolls and it makes 4. The can is more than I like to spend, need to find a good recipe for dough.

So today we are off to get our $800 bus passes. I can not get over $800 bus passes! Who can afford that.? I think the person who decided that needs an ass kickin. Then tree girl has a orthodontist appointment to get her spacers. Poor baby I remember the pain of having spacers. She has a radiant smile. Then tonight we are meeting Ama for dinner and she is taking Tree girl to see Phantom of the Opera. A weekend of no fighting, I just might pee myself.

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