Thursday, August 27, 2009

Legal Huffing

I married the best man ever. He bought me 25 pounds of sugar because I'm a canning fien. I need an intervention. He feeds my addiction, making him an enabler. Sarge, welcome to my sick obsession that will be nuts for a while then I'll forget all about it, because I am the most ADD woman ever.

Remember all those oranges? Five of those bad boys made me 8 jars of this scrumdidleyishous (yup, I murdered that one)sticky mess of yummyness. The smell of this is simply divine! I just keep my face in the pot and take it all in. It's like a white trash facial.

I remember my Dad eating Smuckers orange marmelade on his toast every morning. It smelled yummy but for some reason I never remember eating it. Maybe I was just into huffing then too.

So pretty I just have to keep looking at it. The raspberry kool aid jam didn't set, errr. So I re-cooked it and all is well. I'm not doing that one again. I will make a ton more marmalade though, just so I can huff the fumes.

On a side note-- at Walmart this evening I was buying Brace Face some school supplies and she was unable to purchase Washable Crayola Markers. Must be over 18. They are washable for Pete's Sake, tag all you want with the crayolas, stay away from the spray paint! Ha, imagine getting carded for crayola markers?

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