Monday, August 24, 2009

I have been paroled!

That's right, my sentence is over-- the kids are officially back in school, hallelujah! It's written like that because I had to get the correct spelling off and after I cut and pasted I thought it looked cool. HALLELUJAH is an understatement! I felt like walking in the man cub's class room and jumping on the little desks and shaking my booty in the oddest happy dance ever. My children are soooo going to need therapy! Here is the man cub's first day of school picture. I can't believe my baby is in 2nd grade (sob, siff).

He cracked me up! I turned the camera to take a vertical picture and he thought he needed to turn too. Funny kid! And yes, I did let him eat Cool Ranch Doritos for breakfast. I was trying to convince him to eat anything, something!

Brace face is not a morning person. I had to drive the man cub down the hill to walk him to his class so he would know what is going on so I didn't get to see Brace Face all ready for her first day so I took this instead. She didn't like me taking her picture much while she still had eye boogers. Notice that quilt, it was my first.

After the kids were gone Jazz and I resumed our regular scheduled programming. She had to find her morning sun, such a diva, and I had to sit on the couch like a zombie. I love that dog so much it hurts. I often in my demon voice say to people "Tell her she's pretty!" She gets lots of compliments that way. She likes when people tell her she's pretty.

Juner, Brace faces "other Dad" brought me a bunch of firewood and 2 bags of oranges. What a nice guy. He cut his thumb off a while back and hasn't been working so we have come to a wonderful agreement where we help each other out. He brings me oranges, grapes and firewood. I give share my turkeys, give him jam and be very understanding when money is tight. Win, win! I'm thinking hard about weather I want to juice them and can the juice or if I want to attempt marmalade again. Last time, my marmalade, which takes forever to make, never set. Errrr. Hate that.

Breaking news: After 3 months I have finally finished the picture wall. My "picture hanging block" is over. For the life of me I could not make this wall look decent. My couch was pulled out and only the pictures on the right were hung. I would work on it and then get frustrated and walk away in true ADD fashion. Now I need to straighten them all out and tack the corners down with picture mounting tape. Can I get a woohoo?

Lastly, I leave you with this thought. I could single handedly solve the whole lack of trees, save the rain forest problem. How you ask? Take the copy machines away from the school districts! My kids bring home so much paper! I must have signed 20 papers tonight, so ridiculous. The she have an email system and do the world a favor. I'm no tree hugger, Im just saying...

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