Thursday, September 10, 2009

Chicken TV

We always joke around here that the dogs watch Chicken TV. It's true watching the chickens is very entertaining. My favorite is watching them play keep away (includes running chickens which is way funny). It's so damn funny, I have to be careful not to pee myself. So on days I'm feeling wild I throw all the left over noodles from the horrible spaghetti dinner from the night before AND I throw a few of the mini cupcakes in there because even chickens need dessert. See the little yellow cupcakes?

Chickens talking to each other: Everyone grab a noodle and RUN!

And because chickens are super smart they will walk past a huge pile of noodles just to chase another chicken running away with a noodle.

One more reason I think my chickens are retarded. They are fighting over the crunchy noodles while there is a delectable cupcake sitting there. Who raised you chickens? MY chickens would have gone strait for the cupcake. Pfft!

Thats my girl, a little slow but better than never...

Uggh, carb overload. Mandatory naptime.

Mom please can I just have one chicken dinner?

To the stupid tomato plant, Thanks for finally cooperating, now that the season is almost over!!!!


  1. Ugh...we had many stupid tomato plants also...but I showed them...I tilled them under a week ago!

  2. Is your tomato plant in the shady? They need as much full sun as possible. I know the season sucked but you can help them along by no shade during the day with temps under 90. Compost to help create warmth helps too.

  3. Well in theory they were supposed to be in the sun all day but this was close to sunrise which was behind our house. These are planted in the flower beds where the sun sets so they do miss some early morning sun. I am definitely going to try the back side of the house next year now that I have so many months to prepare a spot. Thanks for the info and Warren I think it's going to feel good to rip these out. Buh-bye.

  4. Chicken tv is the best! I love watching our chickens!