Sunday, September 20, 2009

This is WAR!!

We have a problem. These little boogers are infesting the franch. They are biting my dogs, living in the chicken pen and all together just making me angry. I have tried boiling water.

What to do? I know it's not smart but I keep spraying them with the hose just so I don't have to look at them but I came back and there they are. I have tried DE to no avail. Hmmm, time to google "annoying creepy mean little suckers who are trying to take over the franch".

On a parental side note do you ever have those weeks where you wonder how ridiculous it can get? The hot headed, high strung little man cub keeps getting angry and in his frustration (almost bratty-ness) he spills large quantities of sticky drinks. For the love of all things holy, stop already!!!! I have cleaned up grape juice, orange kool-aid, COKE and lemonade all in the last few days. No matter how much I wipe my shoes are sticking to the floor. My mop is begging for mercy and to top it off since I have been typing this I now have 32 oz of coke on my kitchen floor. The joys of motherhood. Errr.


  1. That's why till they are old enough to clean up after themselves it water!!! Kim

  2. I see massive firebomb in your future! Hit 'em hard!