Tuesday, September 8, 2009

It's a north east wind...

Today I spent the majority of my day (the child free part) sitting in the DMV. I had to renew my drivers license and much to my surprise I found out I had to test for my Ambulance drivers license. I was not expecting that. I was convinced I would not pass, but I ended up missing only 3 (Yaaa!). Back to my complaining, I was in the DMV for 3 hours and 12 minutes to be exact and every single last person who sat down next to me had issues. I hope I don't sound mean and nasty here but OMG every stinky (BO and those who have bad mouth odor) chain smoker in the city came and sat next to me. I kid you not there was an obese woman (I have serious sympathy for people with weight issues, I have fought my own weight off and on) who had not bathed in a long time in a t-shirt with a hole in her shirt right on her breast who was sitting next to me when all the sudden I realized I can see her skin through that hole so she is wearing no bra. Nice. My complaint is when these smelly people sit down, they were touching me. PERSONAL SPACE people! My license was expired, I had to stay. It really, really brought out the worst in me. I was a bit road-ragey on my way home. I'm ashamed.

So while I was driving up the hill to go eat after my stay at the DMV, I passed a house that was just sold. It was a forecloser in bad shape. Blows my mind how much it was sold for! Well the new owner had a huge dump truck full of brush and the roof of a gazebo. I slammed on my brakes as soon as I saw the weather vain in the dump truck. Now keep in mind in California you don't just talk to stangers much. It's quite sad. I kept driving. Then I decided to gets some guts. I turned around because I have wanted a weather vain FOR-EVER! What's the worst that could happen, he could say no. I can handle that. I walked up to the guy who was about to leave and asked if he would sell me the weather vane for $10, which was all the money I had on me. He reluctantly agreed. He was a pretty nice guy, but one of those guys who would never just give you something. I had to leave and come back which made me uneasy. When I returned he had left it against the fence like he said he would. It was a beautiful sight. Now this is an old weather vane. There are coats and coats of paint on it, which make it all the more charming to me. I have admired weather vanes for years but its one of those things you just don't go spend the money on. I was so excited, I'm excited just writing about it.

Makes up for the stinky, butt numbing, life long wait at the DMV. (Happy dance)


  1. Hey! Cool find! Congratulations on the guts too! You never know what else you'll get by using the guts I bet!

  2. Great find!!