Thursday, September 17, 2009

Bust a move-- Indian style

I was gone most of today. It was horrible. Luckily I had some nut buckets with me to entertain me. You know those kids with killer imaginations that just have no idea the whole store is watching their jedi battle? Yup, that's my kid. Everyone seems to enjoy him and they all smile, so I let him.

So there is this new farmers market by my house. There were about 10 booths, 2 of them were produce. The others weren't very farmers market-ish. So the people there had their produce marked to rediculous prices. 2 tomatoes for $1.50. 2 peaches for a $1.50. I just couldn't believe the prices. Would you pay those prices? Am I horribly cheap?

They had a bunch of Indian dancers there which was pretty cool. They did different styles of dance and had different costumes, ones from local Indians and a separate group from the north.

For some reason this little girl who looked about 3 was fascinating to me. She rocked with the music and stood there so calm and patiently. My kids would have never behaved like that at that age.

She was stinky cute and she always looked concerned. When she saw me taking her picture she wasn't shy, she never looked away. I told Sarge I wanted one of those and he said no. Even when I pointed out her gargantuant chubby cheeks he still said no.

So tomorrow I will finish canning the peaches and pears and hopefully not come down off the hill until I go to work Saturday.


  1. She is distinct looking. Just read the description of yourself and chuckled sounds a lot like me.

  2. Love the goofy glasses, and ADORE the Jedi battle in the middle of the store.

    I would probably pay those prices, depending on the size of the tomatoes and peaches and if they were grown organically -- the quality would have to justify the smaller quantity -- and the fact they are grown locally lets you know they're actually in season.

    The little girl is adorable; that expression is priceless.