Wednesday, September 23, 2009

This is a test

I don't have a good track record, in fact if my victims were people I would be doing life in prison right now. I don't have a green thumb, I would be grateful for a brown thumb but, mine is black. I have a longing deep down to have a garden, to have plants around the the dirt franch but I am scared. So I came up with this. For $4 I bought two house plants. These little guys are gunna wish the old lady in the muumuu bought them instead of me, the black thumb.

If I can keep these alive for any amount of time there is hope. Things aren't looking good though. See the leaves on the bottom of the pictures? I did that. I kilt (kilt is a hillbilly word we use at the franch) those leaves and that is only the beginning. Maybe if I talk to them, or play Bach for them, they will have a will to live (unlike my Turkies).

I'm still holding out hope, not a lot of hope though. To be continued...


  1. Now they won't live in a plastic bag in the often seems like my plants get yellow and yucky like that when I water too much...course who knows, but it's an idea...

  2. I have a black thumb too, but I think Warren's right about the yellow leaves = too much water.

    We currently have one indoor plant, and it's an aloe vera plant my mom gave me a couple weeks ago. It needs very little water, so maybe I'll not kill it!