Saturday, September 5, 2009

Happy Birthday to me!

Today I am 33. Last year I swore I was 33 for a good 6 months so in reality I will be telling people I'm 33 for a year and a half. Here are 33 tidbits of randomness in celebration of this momentousness day.

  1. In all of my 33 years I have never made a real pie. I have put together a store bought pie crust and filled it with glazed fresh fruit. I want to learn to make an apple pie, like with a real crust, not from Marie Calendars. The real deal.
  2. I watch either Law Enforcement shows or medical shows.
  3. I am very insecure about my cooking abilities. I have issues with doubting myself and I am concerned that people are not going to like what I have made.
  4. I was raised in Orange County, yes the O.C., home of all things materialistic and fake. I decided in my mind when I had children that I was going to live differently and raise my kids in a more simplistic, homey environment and buy their clothes at Target. It was a good decision.
  5. I recently just learned to make real mashed potatoes.
  6. I bought myself a pressure canner for my birthday and made tomato soup yesterday.
  7. I dream of having a garden but I am concerned that living in the god-awful desert in the boonies will leave me victim to dead and eaten plants.
  8. I enjoy a mocha frappacinno every morning.
  9. I smoked for too long and now I am scared. I haven't smoked for about 2 years, I am done this time.
  10. I will become a 33 year old Grandmother this year and I have mixed feelings about it (step daughter).
  11. I often struggle with the idea that people are much more organized than I and are better at keeping house than I.
  12. Pumpkin candles make me very happy.
  13. It hurts my feelings that my daughter doesn't tell me Happy Birthday.
  14. My parents got divorced a few years ago and I was surprised how much it affected me, being an adult and out of the house. I am still morning the loss of the family I had.
  15. This year I finally graduated college. It was my biggest accomplishment (besides my kids) I have ever made. It took me 12 years.
  16. Even though its usually all bills, getting the mail is still fun.
  17. Fall is my absolute favorite time of the year.
  18. My all time favorite TV shows are Judging Amy and Joan of Arcadia.
  19. The job I have now, as an EMT is the only job I have had for a substantial amount of time. I have been there 4 years.
  20. I was thinking about how to make a quilt block when I woke up this morning.
  21. I still want my Mom sometimes when life is tough.
  22. Clean sheets are a little thing that makes me happy.
  23. I get way excited when Country Living comes.
  24. I live in jeans.
  25. I always mean to wear earrings but I rarely do.
  26. My room is always messy.
  27. I am horribly addicted to Coke. I give myself 1 a day.
  28. I am so grateful for my family and struggle with trying to get my children to appreciate family.
  29. I am very cheap, I sometimes spend way too much time thinking about finances.
  30. I want a hand gun but Sarge says he's afraid I'll shoot him and laughs. I wonder if he really feels that way?
  31. I dream of seeing New York in the fall. Not NYC but upstate.
  32. I want to write out my goals this week.
  33. This has taken me over an hour to write.


  1. Happy Birthday, even if it's a little late. We also love Joan of Arcadia! I don't know of another single person on Earth who loved that show!

  2. Belated birthday greetings!!

    #1 -- I made my first totally-from-scratch apple pie last year, at age 43, so if you make one this year you will be a decade ahead of me on that goal :). If you want me to share the recipe I used and my tips about it, just drop me an email [wrenandstitchy at wordpress dot com] -- it's a recipe I highly recommend, and, in fact, I'll be ready to make it again as soon as a new batch of organic apples makes their way to our area of Texas.

    #3 -- It's only been in the past three or four years that I've become comfortable in the kitchen. I watched Food Network ALL THE TIME for a period of time and started with Rachel Ray's and Paula Deen's recipes -- Paula Deen's, especially, strike me as ones that will please a variety of folks. I really have a love for cooking now, although I certainly don't cook every single day. I still have misses with new recipes, but we always have sandwiches or something in the freezer we can fall back on in those instances! I have come to discover the importance of salt, pepper, and herbs in recipes.

    #9 -- Yay for quitting!! No, do not start again! Get a chest x-ray regularly -- this is the biggest piece of advice my hubby's physician gave him when he quit smoking (after having smoked for several decades).

    #15 -- CONGRATS!!!

    #23 -- Ditto :).

    #30 -- My hubby surprised me with a handgun this year, and I had him sell it. I do want to learn to shoot, and I thought I would be okay with having my own gun, but when he put it in my hands I realized that, no, I did not, in fact, want my own gun. Maybe I will feel differently once I learn how to shoot a gun.