Saturday, September 12, 2009

I need simplicity

Ok, I admit it, I am a total type A personality. I get all worked up, freak out, spaz out and cry when life is tough. That's just what I do. Life has been testing me a bit lately and today I struggled. The only comfort I could think of was to go be product in my kitchen. I peeled apples for a very long time and thought through things and physically wore myself out because I needed to. I even cried, I felt much better afterward. It's funny to me how being productive is therapeutic.

I have come to the conclusion. I need simplicity, hence the title of my blog. Life is much more tolerable and enjoyable when I am doing what I feel is the basic things in life-- cooking for my family, sewing things that make my home more homey and most of all being here for my kids and Sarge. No money from a high status job can compare.

I'm right where I need to be, in the kitchen letting the man cub give him self a reverse mohawk. He looks like a middle aged balding man.

Down the street from our house a few miles is a street I have always wanted to turn down. On the corner is a skeleton of a little mud hut. It just fascinates me. I always say I'm going to stop and take a picture but never do.... until yesterday. I turned down that road and found this fabulous barn. OMG I want it! I looooove barns and to have such a work of art by my house is amazing.

This washtub was right out in front of the mud hut skeleton. I always say I'm going to steal it because I love it so much. I also say I'm going to steal the balsamic vinegar from Macaroni Grill but I never do. I thought maybe the tub was cemented in but its not. Even better, the bottom is rusted out. It would be a disservice to remove the tub, even though I looooove it. It belongs there. It tells part of the story.

I wish this little mud hut could talk. We live by a lot of Indian reservations. I wonder if this was made by Indians. I wonder how old is it? It just blows my mind. I love the weeds that grow out of the top.

So there you go, now you know what fascinates me. I let my mind wander when I drive past this house. Sarge never even thinks twice about it. I'm still thinking about it when we get to town.

Is there anything in your area that fascinates you this much? Maybe something simplistic like an old mud hut?


  1. Not that there's anything wrong with a middle aged bald man...

  2. Don't worry, you work it. He looks like one of those guys who is bald on top and has a U of hair around his head.

  3. cool is that hut? I completely understand about the wash tub! Kim

  4. That is cool! I love barns too and really want one in my yard... for more chickens of course....