Thursday, September 3, 2009

Fighting the Circle of Life.

It's true. When you have farm animals, you are supposed to have a certain amount of distance from them. They are not pets. At this house we aren't very good at that. One day a few months back one of our dogs, committed a heinous act. He worked his way into the chicken pen and killed a bunch of my girls. When I went in to survey the damage one of the ducks was just sitting on the ground awake and shaking. Poor baby. I scooped him up and took him in the house. When Brace Face saw what happened she bawled. She cried, she sobbed. She told me how it was just so sad to her. So being the Mom that I am, I took the duck to the vet who took the above x-ray. The duck had a broken leg.

Like any good vet, she made a duck cast. She said to keep it on for 8 weeks and keep it dry. Um, it's a duck, dry is not in their vocabulary. So we brought a baby pool into the house and filled it with dry bedding. The duck hung out in house for 2 very long months. By the time it was time to take off the cast, the duck was missing a lot of feathers and had no color left in his feathers. I don't know if it was a result of the season or lack of sunlight but it was odd.

I am so happy to report the duck-duck has a slight limp but is overall recovered. He would stumble at first and still does occasionally but overall he is doing well and seems happy. His colors have come back, more vibrant than ever. See, sometimes there are happy endings with farm animals....

On the other hand we had to change "Thanksgiving" the turkey's name to "Wednesday". On Wednesday the turkey decided life was just too much and he had nothing more to live for. So he jumped-- into the dog pen. Guess we are having ham for Thanksgiving! BTW the dogs, thought it was great! Errrr.

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  1. Oh are such a good farm mama! I am so glad your duck is ok, but too bad for the silly turkey! Kim