Friday, September 18, 2009

The end...and the begining

Everytime I get done canning a bunch of stuff I swear I'm never going to can again. It's not that I hate it it is just a ton of work. I finished the pears and peaches today which is why I am still in my PJs at 6 pm. It's so pretty, the counter full of jars. I am always glad I do it. I just read about some bread you bake in the canning jar and just put the lid on as soon as you get it out of the oven and it seals and is yummmmmy. That's my new little project one day next week I think.

Lookie what I got in the mail today. I bet you'll never guess what's in the box...

Not a new book, or purse or kitchen gadget. Not the butter bell I have been talking about for 3 months. Nope!

Hatching eggs. Maran hatching eggs. They produce chocolate colored eggs that are just beautiful and HUGE!

The egg on the left is one of the big ones I collect from my flock. I would consider it a x-large egg. The Maran egg is considered gynormous (to me at least).

These babies will be headed for the incubator tonight and our three week wait will begin. There are 6 eggs, which have lower than normal hatch rates because they are shipped and bounced around. My concern is I don't want any singletons. Can't have just one baby chick he will be lonely and sad.

Then I will have to go get a bunch of friends for it and Sarge will get mad at me.

Good luck little chickies!


  1. That's a serious amount of canned yummies!! The bread-in-a-jar sounds intriguing.

    Thinking the good thoughts about your chickies.


  2. Your canning looks great and good luck with your hatching! I have a broody BO sitting on a nest of 11 eggs... this Wed. will make 2 weeks!