Friday, September 4, 2009


The man cub had a long week. It's tough adjusting to getting up at 6 am to catch a bus at 6:24. Poor kid was knocked out right after dinner at 7 pm. I keep trying to wake him up but he's done, so I let him be.
On the very best chicken site ever, Back Yard Chickens I have entered a Christmas Quilt block exchange. I bought this fabric with Sarge a couple days ago. Hopefully, it will end up turning out beautiful! It's pretty intimidating because all of these women seem to be much more experienced quilters than I.

I also made some tomato soup. I canned it in my brand new super-duper pressure canner. Wha-hoo! It makes me so happy to be able to can anything. I ordered the Ball Blue Book of Canning so maybe I'll be getting better at all this canning stuff. I got a fabulous sense of accomplishment watching my kids eat the peaches I just canned. They loved them!

Here are the eggs I collected today. The tiny one on the right is proof that someone is starting to lay. YAAA! I have 50 plus chickens and only get bout 4 eggs a day because most of them are still little. The little "fart eggs" as they are called are novelty around here. The man cub loves them and announces that the little one is his.

For now I am out of work. That's right, my certifications expired and I can't work until I get a new county license, a medical exam, a new drivers license, do 24 hours of continuing education and get my skills signed off. Kind of sucks. We got a $501 Edison bill from running the A/C. That's what we get for living on the face of the sun. It's a conspiracy!

Tomorrow is a big day in Debbieland! Can you guess?

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